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About US 

Normally it is quick difficult to find places where the average person can post on line.

We hope this site will give you that opportunity for such things as public notices, announcements etc. This is a pay for use service but community announcements are free [see bottom right].

NOTE FOR THE MOMENT SERVICES ARE SUSPENDED for postings go to a sister site.

This site grew out of another site which creates and posts commonlaw documents on line.You can do that here too and much much more.

You can always send people to the article you have posted here just tell them to go to the site and do a search for say "Bill"  [w/o quotes - try it now] It is case sensitive.


We hope people will enjoy this service as well. Note: This site will abide by community standards no profanity or adult content allowed.

Here is a few ideas for posting things on line.

(Note to view some of these documents you need a pdf reader. Go to foxit reader I find it faster than adobe acobat reader. Most computers have a pdf reader built in.)

  • A scanned image it could be a mothers day card: 

Hey Mom, Here's thinking of you check it out!

  • It could be a published report: 

For a Sample here is a visual report on the Hang Son Doong Cavern which is the largest known cave in the World. Its incredible!

  • It could be a political cartoon 

Former OB fans will absolutely love this one!

  • It could be an apostill or a legal notice posted in the newspaper anywhere you are limited for space

Public Noice: All rights reserved regarding the name of John Henry Smith. For full notice see: Smith.html



  • It could be a product manual or something you would like to share with a lot of people anonymously 

Hey Guys - If you want the JFK report you can read it online or print it off here. This is from a page printed from





Post Documents On Line

Upload Files from Your Computer Here

Click the image above and you will be prompted for a username and password. You will get that once you verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you once you submit your information in the form here.

  • It could be an extra ordinary event 

Mage and I had a little accident I thought for this one time you can say the laughs on us:             [low res]


  • It could be an uploaded audio file [30 sec file limit suggested].

 Let You imagination go wild and we will see if we can keep this going if people are willing to use it. Cheers!

  • Here is one page of a Sample Affidavitt


Use the Search Box to look for an Article posting with the code word internet for example. Just keep in mind the search is case sensitive. 

Read the article there you will get a better appreciation of what the POWERS THAT BE have in mind regarding links in email but you will always be able to post-on-line and search for news and on subjects of interest to you here. This is one purpose of the site - community announcements are free. Just flag it as such in the form on the first page.