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TILMA - YOu And Me and the SPP

Author: You me And the SPP

This chapter of 'You Me and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule' covers TILMA the Trade Investment Labour Mobility Agreement. TILMA is an agreement between BC and Alberta that Gordon Campbell and Ralph Klien quietly negotiated and signed without public input (the only input was from big business). TILMA is an investors rights agreement disguised as a trade agreement. It has very little to do with improving labour mobility or Inter-provincial trade which are both covered in the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) between the 10 provinces. The AIT has mechanisms for correcting problems with labour mobility and trade.

TILMA is an inter-provincial version of Chapter 11 of NAFTA. It allows corporations and individual investors to sue governments for laws, measures and polices that inhibit their ability to make profit, including democratic decisions made by municipalities, regional districts and school boards. TILMA allows for awards of up to $5 million to investors. TILMA and TILMA like agreements are being implemented between all of the provinces. TILMA style agreements between all provinces are necessary in order to fully implement the Security Prosperity Partnership agenda.