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  • 2012 Diana Cooper
    Diana Cooper talks about 2012 and her oncoming predictions of what we have in store for the near future.
  • Thrive the movie
    Thrive: Control over energy and food has been detrimental - fast forward to the 45 minute mark. The objective 'manageable employees and eager consumers' through the creation of finance.
  • Planet X - Anne Eller - Madrid Fault
    Ann Eller, who worked with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the Father of UFO-Alien research, has a unique perspective on the UFO enigma. She also touches on the EarthQuakes In Japan and the New Madrid Fault.
  • David Wilcox - Source Field Investigations
    We are all under a state of mass hypnosis. Being fully conscious is something that holds great promise of really understanding who we are.