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Libya Gaddafi Must Go

Author CBSNews

God help us if our society turns out to be like Libya.  Just think what would happen to our
society if we actually had free health, free housing, free education . . . The conservative line is that
stuff like this cannot be tolerated - people like Gaddiffi have to go! Our tax dollars support
that viewpoint, our military support that viewpoint, the military industrial complex that President '
Eisenhower warned us about supports that viewpoint. We in our acquiescence support that
viewpoint. Is there something wrong with this picture? Are the good guys really the bad guys
and are the bad guys really the good guys? Confusing isn't it?  The solution is 'discernment'
sort the wheat from the chaff and lets make a better world. This piece below suggests the real
reason why Gadiffi has to go.

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