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  • Change is on the Horizon
    A historical 3 part series directed and narrated by James Rick. It starts with the Renaissance and the connection to Saint Germaine, the emergence of the United States and its subsequent corruption by bankig interests and the dawn of a new age with NESARA all of which borders on fact and disbelief for the uniniatied.
  • Charlotte Thompson History of Dumbing Down Education
  • Is the Moon Real?
    Lecture Brixton Academy by David Icke May 15, 2010 "The Lion Sleeps No More - "Who Built The Moon"
  • Looking Beyond the Pleasure Pain Priniciple for Truth
    A discussion contradicting the predominant Oligarchical Prinicple that people should be kept ignorant and disempowered through the emphasis on the pleasure pain principle rather than putting emphasis on the discovery of truth to elevate us all to a higher level of existence.
  • Predictive Programming and the Microchip
    Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda is an attempt to alert the viewer to some of the ways in which we have been manipulated throughout our lives for the specific purpose of slowly but surely shepherding us all into a Hellish world of microchip implants and totalitarian control. We hope that by exposing the programming we can break the program and derail this diabolical agenda. To be successful we need your help.
  • The Elite Game and World War III
    Prof. Mujahid Kamran is Vice Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, and his book The Grand Deception – Corporate America and Perpetual War has just been published (April 2011) by Sang e Meel Publications, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • The Empire of the City
  • The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio
    "The Matrix Trilogy Decoded" by Mark Passio was recorded on September 15, 2012. In this video Mark Passio breaks down the hidden meaning of the "The Matrix" movies. It would serve you better if you watched all three movies before and/or after watching this video. This event was held as a fundraiser for the "Free Your Mind 2 Conference" in April of 2013 in Philadelphia - a three-day conference featuring top-calibre whistle-blowers from across the country to shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions.
  • The Matrix Trilogy
    The 3 Matix Motives in sequence
  • Sophia Stewart Mother of The Matrix