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Personal Freedoms


  • Bill C-51 - The Why for this Site
    The new C-51 literally sews up your right to free access of information on line by making the person forwarding a hyperlink to valuable information responsible for the content on that page.... criminally responsible.
  • Bill C-51 - Case for an Open Internet
    The Internet’s open architecture has become central to the success of our economy, our culture, and our society. Casting An Open Net is the first comprehensive report that establishes the need for the principle of openness
  • Canadian Health Freedom and Ceta
    Our situation is reaching critical mass on CETA, as the 9th meetings prepare to take final submissions from the provinces... none of whose legislatures have a clue what is in them.... and most of which are in elections right now. This trade deal opens our resources, our jobs, our rule of law, and our way of life to unprecedented foreign controls, eliminates sovereignty in whatever it touches (the TSA has NOTHING on CETA!!), and is being negotiated in utter secrecy!
  • NSA Spying James Bamford
    James Bamford's talk of just over an hour puts into context NSA's spying activity historically in light of recent Snowden revelations