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1) FIRST SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST in the Instructions box below.

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2) Click on the link in the email sent to you to receive a username and password

3) Upload your DOC, PDF or JPG File by clicking on the mailbox to the Right.

Posting of a community Nature is free and will be later filed under menu tab Articles and thus will be searchable by the search box. Temporarily follow the process in the next column to get immediate postings that are pass protected that you can share with your group.

Posting of a non-community nature is $1 a page/year

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Go here for some samples as to what you can do that either serious or just for fun.

Post Documents On Line

Upload Public Files from Your Computer Here - Now  Its as Easy as 1-2-3

FIRST sign in  - use the form on the left.   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1-Click the post box image that you see above this text. This will take you to a special page enter your 'Username' and 'Password' in the appropiate boxes. Click 'OK'  and you will see two buttons called 'Browse' and 'Upload'.  

2-Click 'Browse' to locate the file you wish to upload from the files on your computer. Lets assume your file was x.doc locate it on your computer.

3-Click 'Upload' to Post-on-Line. That's it.

Your file will be posted immediately and the url will be whereby x.doc will be the name of your file. Give people the url link and the username and password. Now they have easy access to your posted files.  If you wish to have you own box you have the option of either having it pass protected or not.

PRICING -Posting of a community service is FREE. Posting for business or a personal nature can be as little as $1 per year. For more info Click Here