Post Legal Notices, Pictures, PF's and Documents Online!





Cost for a Single Document Posting:

$1 per Page or $25/year or $100 for 5 years ($20/yr).

Here is an example of a link created just by uploading a one page file posted for just one $1.00 

NOTE: In the case above it is a picture file but it could just as easily be a word doc a pdf or even an audio file. Limit audio files to one minute please as the primary purpose here is anouncements and document sharing.

More than 25 pages in one year? Then it is to your advantage to reserve 1 or 5 years  POSTING

Less than 25 pages you will be sent a paypal invoice by email for payment

Allow 1-2 days processing after payment has been received.

Multiple Documents?  Get your Own Personal Post-on-line Box

A cost effective alternative to above is to get your own POST ON LINE mail box with your own unique username and password which will allow you to share documents with people from your own box here .

Submit a request here and you will be sent an invoice thru paypal                                                   Cost for one box a year is $60 for 100 megs of storage; 2 boxes $100; 3 boxes $130 - 4 boxes $150

Storage capacity can be increased by 100 megs for $5 or $1000 megs for $18.

Note your paypal invoice will be from VISIONTOWEALTH and if you use the $20/$25 option this will reference the or site.