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Straus Kahn and the End of Bailouts

Author LaRouchepac Video

This is a short 10 minute synopsis of the financial crisis since it first brought up in no uncertain terms in July 2007. The mortgage crisis could of been totally avoided, nobody need of been tossed out of their homes if the the home mortgage and protection act had not been stopped and even the bailouts were totally unnecessary as confirmed this year by the government ciac commission investigating the 2008 crisis.

With Straus Kahn the CHIEF of the IMF being taken out of the picture this due to a sexual molestation charge it is an indication that there are forces on the move to stop the resistance in the system to restore Glass Steagal legislation.

This was legislation implemented after 30's depression to seperate domestic and investment banking. It was dismantled due to the likes of Alan Greenspan and Company putting an end of 50 plus years of economic stability. Our only opportunity to restore stability is literally to let the banks go on without our support through bank bailout debts - quantitative easing - which incidentally is owned back to them with interest. It couldn't be crazier but it is and if it were not stopped the burden of the just the interest on the debt is enough to grind all countries in the world to a halt. This is how serious things are if Glass Steagal legislation is not reintroduced.

Of the course the banks and interests they represent don't want that to happen because that will mean the end of them. Unfortunately if they are not stopped that will be the end of us and civilization as we know it. That's my take on it. Listen to the clip its short, to the point and its good synposis of what has happened since July of 2007- les raketti

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