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Community Postings are free - and this falls generally into the category of information  people really should know or be aware of. But it can be a little bit light hearted too as it evident by these pics - pic1, pic2

We can be serious but if we can't laugh at our selves or be at awe of the world this will be a sad place.

If your posting is not of a Community nature then Postings are a $1 per page per year - a legal notice or a personal posting such as here would be an example.

You can also use this service as a means of sharing documents as a report to a larger group for example. However it most likely would be more appropiate and cost effective to get your own personal or organization drop box(es).


Like the idea but want to have the idea of sharing your information only a select group of people such as people at work or your organization then


We hope people will enjoy this service. Note: This site will abide by community standards no profanity or adult content allowed.

(Note to view some of these documents you need a pdf reader. Go to foxit reader I find it faster than adobe acobat reader. Most computers have a pdf reader built in.)


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